Author, Kendra G. Montante, was born in the coastal town of Grand Haven, on Lake Michigan. Most of her youth was spent in Okemos, Michigan. After high school, Kendra lived in various places including northern Michigan, Daytona Beach, San Diego, and Honolulu.     

Kendra earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from San Diego State University. Several years later, she earned her Elementary Teaching Certification from Madonna University. Most recently, Kendra earned a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration from Madonna University.

A chameleon at heart, Kendra has flourished in numerous occupations some of which include:

  • Educator - San Diego and greater Detroit
  • Community Outreach Director - San Diego
  • Activity Coordinator/Counselor - San Diego
  • Senior Project Manager - Marketing Firm - Honolulu and Lake Orion, Michigan
  • Program Administrator - Transition Home: Adjudicated Teens - Honolulu
  • Assistant Administrator - Cyber High School - Inkster, Michigan
  • Director of Marketing & Communications - Belleville, Michigan
  • Educational Consultant - West Bloomfield, Michigan
  • Communications Coordinator - Farmington Hills, Michigan

    She married her long time sweetheart, Anthony Montante. Together, they have two beautiful children, Enzo and Ava. They reside in Commerce Township, Michigan and can also be found spending long weekends at their cottage in northern Michigan.